Comparison of wooden and stone house

Why prefer a wooden house manufactured in a factory?
We are highlighting the advantages of a wooden house in comparison with a stone house:

  • Wood is very flexible as a construction material and provides nearly limitless opportunities for establishing suitable buildings both in the urban as well as nature environment.
  • Wooden house is for an environmentally conscious person who appreciates warmth and wholesomeness.
  • Wood is a natural, renewable, pure product that has been used for construction throughout the ages. It is environmentally friendly, healthy and has a considerably smaller carbon footprint than stone or concrete. Only 175 kWh energy per m3 is used upon manufacturing construction materials from wood in comparison with 877 kWh of energy per m3 used in the production of bricks.
  • Erecting and building a wooden element house is considerably faster than a stone house. The faster the house is completed, the less the owner spends (electricity, water, waste, security, project management, expenses on construction supervision, bank interests, etc.). The erection time for an average house is 3-5 days, which is at least 8-10 times faster than erecting an envelope for a stone house. Thus, an element house enables an exponentially faster “turnkey” solution than a stone house.
  • Quality is ensured – elements are manufactured by experienced assemblers in a factory under ideal conditions and in a constantly inspected dry environment that ensures the best building quality. There’s no moisture or rain that could damage the construction materials. Studies by the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences reveal how stone houses dry for several years, which increases the risk of mould and moisture damage, and the thermal losses are higher in humid stone barriers.
  • A wooden house has considerably less cold bridges than a stone house.
  • Wooden structures are light, i.e. a lot less carbon is emitted into the air upon transporting and assembling them than in the case of heavy metal and concrete structures.
  • Thanks to the lightness of a wooden house, the foundation can be made cheaper than for a heavy stone house. The lighter structure of the wooden house also enables building the house on a ground where the cost of a foundation bearing the weight of a stone house would be even higher.
  • Walls of a wooden house are generally thinner than those of a stone house while having the same heat number, which means that the internal space in the wooden house is bigger with the same area occupied by the building.
  • Wooden elements do not have standard dimensions, which enables building entirely according to the customer’s requests.