About building a house

Every family dreams about making their own home. Building a house is a big step and often one of the biggest monetary expenses made in life. For this reason, it is important to carefully think it through and plan, so that the end result would be optimal and meet expectations.
What follows are steps for the start of making a home.

Here are the steps to take to build your dream home:

Step 1: Drawing up a budget

Although it might be nice to think about what the house should look like, it is highly recommended to first determine the budget. Consult a financial advisor or loan manager to determine available options and the terms and conditions for building a house.
Now that the budget is set, it is time to think about how big the house can be within the budget. For this, consult a house factory. To put it in very roughly, “turnkey” prices start from 1,000–1,200 EUR/m2 inclusive of VAT.

Step 2: Choosing the architecture for the house

Now you can start shaping your dream. You can choose from among standard designs or design a custom house with an architect to meet the exact wishes.

Step 3: Choosing the structure and materials for the house

ESTPANEL OÜ offers log houses as well as wood frame houses assembled using factory produced elements. We are happy to consult on the topic and help choose the solution that best meet your needs.

Step 4: Designing and manufacturing the house

Once the previous step has been completed, designing and manufacturing the house in the factory can commence.

Step 5: Erecting the house, construction begins

Once the house is completed in the factory, erecting the house at the site can begin. This means that all the necessary elements are transported to the construction site from the factory and the house envelope is erected. Afterwards, internal and external work can start right away.


A new energy-efficient house meeting all the expectations, the construction of which takes very little time.