Summer house "Olavi 5x7"

Summer house “Olavi 5x6” is a house with walls made of 70 or 90 mm squared logs. The ground floor features a vestibule, recreation room with a kitchenette, shower room and a steam room. There’s one bedroom and a sleeping terrace open to the ground floor under the gable roof. There’s a terrace in front of the house and a balcony under the gable roof.

Wall thickness (mm) 90
Dimensions (length x width) 5230 x 10300
Area occupied by a construction works (m2) 53,9
Effective surface area (m2) 50 + 40,7
Effective surface area on floor I 50
Effective surface area on floor II 40,7
Terrace area (m2) 15 + 15

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