Garden house "Maxi"

Garden house “Maxi” is a 1-room house with walls made of 44, 55 or 70 mm squared logs. We manufacture “Maxi” in different sizes. Width and length can be combined from 2 to 4 m with a step of 0.5 m. “Maxis” in all dimensions can be ordered with three different wall log thicknesses. Either a double door with the dimensions 1,540 x 1,950 or a single door with the dimensions 800 x 1,950 and a window 800 x 880 can be selected for the front wall of “Maxi”. Window with the dimensions 800 x 880 can also be ordered for the side wall.

Wall thickness (mm) 44 või 55 või 70
Dimensions (length x width) al. 2088 x 2088 sammuga 500 kuni 4140 x 4140
Area occupied by a construction works (m2) 4,4 - 19,8
Effective surface area (m2) al. 4 - 16

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